February 8, 2023

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Coming "lean family basket"

Deputy Development Minister Nikos Papathanasis announced the government’s plans to enrich the “family basket” with branded products, and introduce “lean” products on the eve of Lent and Easter.

The Minister noted that the measure for Easter can “work like a festive basket and a Santa Claus basket” with excellent gifts that citizens can purchase at reasonable prices. The New Year’s “basket” as a measure was a success, as experts say, so now they are developing a plan for the introduction of “lean”.

“There is a percentage of private label products in the shopping cart. We are currently discussing with the market and industry the possibility of placing branded products so that they can be added to the “basket”. But first we must get the approval of the competition commission, and then we will do it,” Mr. Papatanasis stressed.

“The conversation with large food companies continues. Companies want to support the measure and “get into the basket” because consumers approved of it, describing it as “demanded.” There was a contest to add products to the cart, and prices for them have been holding for 10 weeks now. For example, last Wednesday, 92% of goods had either a downward trend or a stable price. Consumers have changed their habits, and this is a concern for businesses that issue brand labels. They would also like to join the program and get into the “basket”,” the minister notes.

Regarding the “Lenten basket”, he said that the government is in the process of discussing it. With regard to the constant rise in prices for basic products, Mr. Papatanasis stressed: “We have set a ceiling on the profit margin and do not stop monitoring this. Our service initiates inspections, imposes fines.”

“No other country has an e-katanalotis platform for viewing the prices of essential goods. The basket “holds” the prices. The consumer can freely enter the site and see both the lists of products (1400 units of goods) and their prices in real time. In addition, citizens can call 1520 or visit the website katagelies.gov.grwhere they can report on their own behalf (or anonymously) about unprofessional (illegal) actions they have noticed in stores, ”the competent services note.

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