February 8, 2023

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Beijing-Brussels air bridge reactivated

After a nearly three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, China’s borders have reopened, and a second plane from Beijing landed in Brussels on Tuesday.

True, arriving passengers are required to have a positive test result for coronavirus, but most passengers perceive this with understanding. Free movement from China to EU overshadowed by the fear of the spread of covid and its mutations, so the governments of member countries are taking precautionary measures.

Italy, Spain and France are requiring arrivals from China to present a negative COVID-19 test before departure, passengers comply, commenting on what is happening:

“It surprised me. I thought it was all over – the corona, vaccinations, masks. But now we seem to have to relive what it was three years ago.” “They waited for us in Beijing in front of the plane door, checked everyone’s covid test result, and then we just went in.” “Actually, it’s not that difficult. The day before I received a certificate that I don’t have a virus, and here I am.”

Those who are finally able to reunite with their families or get the opportunity to visit their relatives on a regular basis rejoice most of all. How events will develop, time will tell, they note:

“I think these relaxations were inevitable after almost three years of a very strict lockdown policy. But as the Chinese New Year approaches, there will be a huge migration out of the country. It will cause another wave of infection in the world. We don’t know that though. We’ll see.”

Belgium is testing wastewater for COVID-19 from all aircraft arriving from China to prevent new strains from entering Europe. EU member states continue to approach the measures introduced in different ways. Not everyone requires passengers from China to present a coronavirus test result.

Negative covid-19 test, masks and checks on travelers from China at Greek airports – government decision taken last Thursday at an emergency meeting at the office of the prime minister Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The coronavirus outbreak in China and the XBB1.5 mutation have put the government on alert, especially after the EU decided to strongly recommend measures for travelers from the far eastern country. At a meeting with the health authorities, it was decided that Greece will adhere to the measures taken by the EU regarding the coronavirus and the situation in China.

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