February 5, 2023

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Six against one: a 33-year-old man was wounded and robbed in Chalandri

A 33-year-old passer-by was robbed at dawn on Tuesday in Chalandri by six people who stabbed him.

According to the information, shortly after 1:30 a.m., a group of six people attacked a man who was walking down Sofoklis Venizelou Street with fists, stabbed him and robbed him, taking all the money he had with him and a mobile phone.

The victim was taken by ambulance to the hospital “Sismanoglio” (“Σισμανόγλειο”), where he is currently undergoing treatment. Doctors say his life is out of danger. The district police department is investigating the incident.

According to the Greek channel ERT, in addition to the robbery, another version of the incident is being considered: the man had a meeting in a “service salon”, which ended in a fight. And the attack was a kind of revenge.

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