February 2, 2023

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More than half of Russians remember the USSR with nostalgia and regret its collapse (poll)

As the survey showed, almost 60% of Russians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union and would like to restore it today.

The sociological survey was conducted by VCIOM (All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center) with a sample of 1,600 people. The study showed a high level of nostalgia. The associative range of Russian citizens is associated with confidence in the future (16%), youth (15%), good times (15%), cohesion and unity (13%). A slightly smaller number of respondents associated the socialist past with greatness and strength (5%), cheap products (5%), security and justice (5%).

But negative memories have not gone away, at least among some of the respondents: 4% remembered the deficit, 3% – about the restriction of rights, freedoms and totalitarianism.

Slightly more than half of the citizens (51%) are sure that there was more good in the USSR, another 5% – bad, and 38% found it difficult to answer and adhere to neutrality. Among the achievements of the USSR, 55% named the space program, 13% – the victory in the Great Patriotic War, 12% – the development of industry, 10% – science and technology, Soviet education, 10% – nuclear weapons.

Every fifth respondent does not regret the collapse of the state, 13% are indifferent to this fact, and 9% found it difficult to answer. Among those nostalgic for the USSR, 62% are men and 58% are women.

Almost 48% said they would like to restore the USSR, 37% were against, and 15% were undecided. At the same time, 22% believe that today it is rather possible to recreate the Soviet Union, 41% – rather impossible, another 25% – definitely impossible, 5% – definitely possible, and 7% found it difficult to answer, informs life.ru.

In parallel with this survey, informs uznayvse.ru, Komsomolskaya Pravda held its own – on the topic of what Russians associate the Soviet Union with. It turned out that 47% remember him in the context of childhood and youth. For 11%, the Soviet years were significant for their belief in a brighter future, and 10% recall the friendship of peoples.

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