February 3, 2023

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Civil servants will be removed from the use of cars

The new travel plan for civil servants coming to work in the civil service, who will be transferred from the center of Athens to the Pyrkal complex in the Dafni-Imittos area, encourages the use of public transport and bicycles as the preferred mode of transport to compensate for possible congestion that will arise.

The plan foresees that only 30-40% of the 14,000 public sector workers who will be commuting to the “government park” on the former industrial complex in a few years will do so by car.

More specifically, the study suggests making life harder for drivers by banning free parking in the area, reducing main roads to one lane, and other measures that will force them to use public transport or bikes. Critics note the absence of any provisions or measures to address the impact of the move of nine ministries from the center of Athens, as well as the problems that these bans will create for local residents and their guests.

The plan will be discussed in the coming days at a meeting of the regional council of Attica. The traffic study also does not foresee the consequences of moving the jobs of 14,000 people to the predominantly residential municipality of Dafni-Imittos. The number of people who will do their jobs in these relocated public spaces is estimated at 1,000 per day, of which 48% will use private cars and 22% use public transport. However, this number is expected to decrease as the digitalization of services advances.

An extensive network of cycle paths is also proposed. According to a traffic study, the 4,770 cars expected to congest the area could be reduced to 1,893 if controlled parking is introduced and public transport is improved.

PS I sympathize with the residents of this area. It has always been difficult to find parking there, and now it will be even worse. After all, it is not so easy to transfer officials to bicycles. Athens is a city located on the hills and very scattered throughout the territory. Not everyone will be able to drive along the current so-called. bike paths from one end of the city to the other.

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