July 19, 2024

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Angelos thanked the parents of the deceased Grigoris for organ donation

A second chance to survive for 14-year-old Angelos from Thessaloniki was given by the death of an 18-year-old boy in a car accident, whose parents donated organs to save the lives of others.

Angelos had to constantly undergo a blood purification procedure. Now he can live like a healthy teenager after 10 years of severe kidney failure. Gave hope for a full life to a teenager Grigoris, a guy from Agrinio who died in a traffic accident and “gave” life to three more recipientsin need of an organ transplant.

In the rehabilitation ward, Angelos smiled for the first time: “Many thanks to Grigoris’s parents, who gave me a kidney.” His mother Julia says her son is happy and says, “Mommy, now I’m fine, I’ll eat and drink.”

“Agelos had dialysis three times a week. It was very hard for the child. Now his life will change,” Georgios Tsulfas, director of the ΑΠΘ transplant clinic, told MEGA.

Christodoulos Nathanael, director of the intensive care unit at the hospital where Grigoris was admitted, said that “the situation has been particularly tense for the staff of the unit and for me personally. But as a result, at least four people improved their health and at most one was saved.”

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