February 3, 2023

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For the death in the pool of two sisters awarded compensation in the amount of 726,640 euros

Compensation in the amount of 726,640 euros was awarded by the court of first instance of Rhodes to eight French people because their two children drowned in a hotel pool.

In particular, the court awarded compensation in the amount of 200,000 euros to the father, 206,640 euros to the mother, 120,000 euros to two brothers and sisters and 20,000 euros to the grandparents. The decision was declared enforceable. In advance, 60,000 euros will be paid to each of the parents, 40,000 euros to each of the brothers and sisters, and 6,000 euros to the grandparents.

According to the decision, the claim was rejected in in relation to the board of directors (hotel managers) and partially satisfied in relation to the hotel company and two other citizens. According to “Δημοκρατική”, eight Frenchmen, relatives of the girls who drowned in the pool, filed a lawsuit against the hotel company, three members of its board of directors and two other citizens. With their lawsuit, they demand a total of 2,560,000 euros for moral suffering (and accrued interest since July 31, 2019) and sentence the managers to twelve months in prison.

We remind you that on July 31, 2019 at 18:25, the police department of Ialyssos received a telephone call from the EKAB center that an unconscious young foreigner was pulled out of the pool of the aforementioned hotel. She was in the water on her back in the middle of the pool, the depth of which is defined as 1.20 meters. EKAB took 17-year-old French citizen Anais Traore from the scene and took her to Rhodes General Hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. In another part of the pool, 19-year-old sister Carla Traore also drowned – her body was found in the pool at the bottom.

According to the French in their lawsuit dated 07/31/2019, at the hotel, after lunch, which took place at 14:00, and rest for about an hour, the whole family went to relax near the pool on the sun loungers that surround it. Between 5:15 pm and 6:00 pm, their two daughters, Anais and Carla, entered the pool (adult section) and died of suffocation (choked) at an unspecified depth point.

Witnesses present at the scene noticed the first girl “in a strange state” between 6:00 pm and 6:20 pm. After that, the bathers pulled out her water and provided first aid, but to no avail. Parallel to this, an ambulance was called, which arrived between 18:35 and 18:38. The victim was urgently sent to the Central Hospital of Rhodes, where she entered at 18:50. However, after unsuccessful attempts to resuscitate the Frenchwoman, the doctors pronounced her dead.

At 18:40, the bathers again present in the pool, as well as the son of the French couple, Alan, found their second daughter Carla, lying at the bottom of the same water tank at the point with the greatest depth – 2.90 m. to the hotel grounds. According to vacationers, the rescuers were absent throughout the entire time and provided first aid only to the second.

The hotel company notes that the hotel had all the necessary permits, markings on the pool indicating the depth.

As noted, young girls did not know how to swim. The hotel management alleges that the parents left their two underage daughters unsupervised when they went swimming, although they had never previously visited the pool, according to their statements. Also, as emphasized, the parents themselves showed criminal negligence, because the girls took plates of food with them to the pool (and swimming with a full stomach is not recommended).

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