February 3, 2023

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Europeans are waiting for an abnormally hot summer

US climatologists predict the second consecutive summer in Europe with abnormal temperatures.

This is reported, according to Bild, by the US climate research agency NOAA. In all respects, scientists warn, in 2023 the world is waiting for the El Niño phenomenon – the displacement of warm ocean waters. During its warm phase, the current brings heat from the sea to higher latitudes, and some of it is released into the atmosphere by evaporation, the publication says. Dr Carsten Brandt, climatologist, commented to Bild on the immediate future:

“All models show a big El Niño phase in the late spring and summer of 2023. This is likely to be a very strong phase with global record temperatures. This year could be very hot for Europe, severe droughts are likely and a hot summer is to be expected.”

As you know, the past year 2022 was one of the hottest since the beginning of measurements in 1850, recalls Bild.

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