February 8, 2023

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Wolves may become a stumbling block in relations between the European Union and Sweden

Sweden is in serious danger of falling out with EUuntil the trial with Brussels.

It’s all to blame informs politico, a monthly wolf shooting announced by the Swedish government. The largest gray predator hunt in recent history in the country allows hunters to shoot 75 wolves in multiple areas in an attempt to reduce the threat they pose to farmers, livestock and local residents.

Sweden has already provoked a backlash from Green activists, according to the portal. Opposed by scientists and non-governmental organizations who believe that culling threatens the survival of vulnerable species. Some experts stress that the EU cannot advocate for the protection of wild species in other parts of the world while wiping out predators at home.

Daniel Ekblom, a spokesman for the Swedish Nature Conservation Association, said: “Mass culling is a ‘disaster’ for conservation efforts.” He believes that shooting dozens of wolves would have a “very negative” impact on a genetically isolated population of about 460 individuals.

It should be noted that the wolf population in Sweden is the largest in the history of observations, but significantly less than in many other European countries: in Italy there are about 3300 wolves, in Poland – about 1886, in France – 783.

The Swedish government has given permission to reduce the wolf population to 385 individuals, but NGOs fear that due to the harsh winter, regardless of the current hunt, it could fall below 300 individuals by spring. According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, in order for a species to be considered in a favorable conservation status, in accordance with the laws of the European Union, the population must remain at the level of at least 300 predators.

Earlier, our publication wrote how “fear and horror” cause farmers increased wolf attacks on pets in Serra, especially in the village of Sphelinos. The situation is getting out of control, because it is not known how gray predators will behave when they meet a person.

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