February 8, 2023

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Weather forecast: to change "sunny days" cold weather and storms

According to the well-known meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis, a change in the weather is not far off. Already on Monday afternoon we will see it with our own eyes.

Channel meteorologist OPEN predicted in a Facebook post that from Monday rains and storms are expected in our country, as well as strong winds. However, as the meteorologist mentioned, “winter will not appear” until the end of the month, and only in February, in his opinion, will “come into its own”, with cold weather and, locally, snow.

After a series of warm days (out of season), the barometric low approaching Greece from central Europe will try to remind us of “late autumn” and cause short-term bad weather, the main characteristics of which are heavy rains and storms. It is expected that snow will fall in the mountainous regions of the central and northern parts of the mainland. So, having reached mid-January, the weather still does not resemble winter in any way.

Nevertheless, cold weather will come from early February, although meteorologists do not give more accurate forecasts, since they “so far do not have sufficient data for a deeper analysis.”

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