January 27, 2023

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The weather has been changing since Monday: snow, rain, showers

The weather is changing. After the abnormally warm weather that we had at Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, the weather seems to be gradually worsening – starting from the west of the country, cold weather comes with rains turning into snow in places.

Cloudy weather is expected on Monday, initially in the west of Greece, and from the afternoon on the rest of the mainland, according to forecasts from the National Weather Service. Cloudy weather will be followed by showers in western Greece, and sporadic thunderstorms in the northwest in the evening. Intense weather events will spread to the rest of the continent in the evening and intensify during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

The wind in the west will blow southwest 3-5 Beaufort, gradually increasing to 5-6, and in the Ionian Sea 7-8 Beaufort. In the east, the wind will initially blow north at a speed of 3-4 beauforts, and in the afternoon it will turn south/southwest at a speed of 4-6 beauforts. The temperature will not change significantly.

When the snow falls
According to meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu, on Tuesday (10/01) in the western part of the country the weather will worsen even more: there will be rains, thunderstorms and snowfalls. Intense weather events will also be observed in the eastern islands. The wind will be 6-7 Beaufort in the Ionian and 7-8 Beaufort in the Aegean.

Snow is also expected on Tuesday (10/01) below 1000 meters in northern Greece, for example in Florina and also in Larissa.

Weather in Athens

Rain, precipitation

In the metropolitan area of ​​Attica, there will be no noticeable changes in the weather until Tuesday. On Tuesday, meteorologists promise rain and a temperature drop to 6 ° C at night.


On Wednesday, the weather may improve slightly, but rain is expected again from Thursday, which will last until the end of the week. The temperature will remain unchanged, 14-16°C during the day, 3-8°C at night.

Wind 1-3 meters per second, fog is expected in the evening, and strong smog in Athens and Piraeus. The level of air pollution will reach a value of 102 – harmful to sensitive groups. Air quality monitoring station : 37.966-23.619-pa
Health advice: People with heart problems or serious illnesses should stay indoors and keep windows closed.

The situation with air pollution will improve significantly on Tuesday, when the direction of the wind will change to the south. Unfortunately, this will not be for long, as from Wednesday the direction of the prevailing wind will again change to the west, and the level of air pollution will increase sharply again.

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