February 3, 2023

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Now they admit it: N. Kerameos linked the escalation of violence in schools with quarantine

Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos, speaking on a TV show this morning, acknowledged that many experts equate the explosion of violence in schools with prolonged general closures due to the coronavirus.

Now they admit it, but these are the same people who shut the mouths of the scientists and experts they now refer to. When one Greek scholar spoke out against restrictive measures against the coronavirus, pointing out that they would have social side effects, he was met with ridicule, disdain and slander from the very ministers they now cite.

In the same vein, the minister also referred to flu outbreaks, which she acknowledged were caused by quarantine, using, of course, more diplomatic words.

Mrs. Kerameos began by stating: “Nour schools open tomorrow as we planned. Nothing has changed, with one important addition – an influenza circular was issued earlier this year. This circular, which usually comes out later, provides for an absence from work excuse for seasonal influenza patients, and they are entitled to 5 days of absence from work, which are not counted and not recorded from November to March, which is the period that the Ministry of Health has given us for the seasonal flu. It is clear that parents do not send their children to school if they have symptoms.“.

The minister said:We have viruses every year, and the last two years have been a little weird because of the coronavirus. From now on, we are taking all measures and it is very important that parents monitor the symptoms in children, and from this moment there is a basis for justifying absenteeism.“.

Regarding the 14-year-old girl who has been abused and will go to school tomorrow for the first time under court supervision, the minister said that “there is a surge in violence around the world. In fact, some people attribute this surge in the last year to coronavirus restrictions. because it reduced the interaction and socialization of children.”

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