February 2, 2023

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Exarchia: body of man found

On Sunday afternoon, January 8, a man’s body was found in a house in the Exarchia district.

As it was established by law enforcement agencies, this is a 47-year-old Swede who decided to commit suicide. His body was found in the air duct of a house located on Lambros Catsoni Street. According to preliminary information, he fell into the shaft (φωταγωγό) of an apartment building from the apartment on the 6th floor where he lived. The man was declared missing by his relatives from Sweden. Law enforcement agencies are investigating.

Reference. Since the 70s, the Exarchia area (near the very center of Athens, Omonia square) retains a certain, so to speak, “autonomy” and does not allow the police and authorities to establish order on its territory. Communists, artists, left-wing radicals and “all stripes” who joined them have occupied this area and are doing atrocities here.

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