February 5, 2023

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Evros is shocked by the brutal robbery: foreigners crippled the old man who gave them food

An elderly farmer suffered moments of horror when two illegal migrants, who crossed the Turkish border with no problems, broke into his house in the village of Kavyssos Feron on Saturday morning and severely beat him.

According to the farmer’s complaint, both foreigners were very angry and spoke very rudely to him. At first they demanded food from him, and although the farmer gave them everything he had, they beat him because it seemed to them that it was not enough.

When an elderly farmer saw a security company worker walking near his hut and tried to wave at him, two young foreigners got even angrier, started beating him, then handcuffed him to a bed and continued beating him with a piece of wood they found.

The next step of the two criminals was to take a gun and a hunting knife from the old farmer, and after locking him in a hut, they unsuccessfully tried to steal his car. Despite the beatings, the farmer managed to escape, reach the village and inform his family and the police about it.

Late that evening, an elderly farmer was asked to identify foreigners who had been arrested in the countryside by members of the Alexandroupoli Police Department. Tomorrow, Monday (9/1), the farmer will be examined by a forensic doctor, and he said that he was very afraid for his life.

According to a police statement, the stolen items have been returned to the affected farmer, and two foreigners around the age of 35 will be brought before a prosecutor. Police sources say there are no grounds for their deportation.

We are waiting for pitiful statements from Turkey that the cruel Greeks offended the migrants*.

*Such stories happen far from the first time in the borderlands…

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