February 2, 2023

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Phthiotis: jump from the pier for the cross ended in a serious injury

Theophany in Phthiotis was overshadowed by a serious accident. The young man, wanting to catch the cross, jumped from the pier, but the insufficient depth led to a strong blow to the bottom with his head and hands.

A 22-year-old man took part in a celebration on the rock of Feologu in Malesina, he jumped from a pier on a beach two meters high. However, the water level under the pier did not exceed half a meter, and due to his injuries, he was taken to the Lamia hospital.

By message lariareport.gr, witnesses to the incident note that the ΕΚΑΒ ambulance arrived with a delay – the car from Atalanti was busy transporting the patient, and the other was supposed to arrive from Kamena Vourla.

Doctors found two fractures of the elbow joints and a strong blow in the neck area in the young man, so it was decided to immediately transfer him to the Lamia hospital.

According to residents, this incident clearly highlighted the pressing problem of providing ambulances to such a large area as Locrias – there is only one ambulance team per thousand residents.

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