February 2, 2023

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Peristeri: in response to the remark, the 58-year-old man was severely beaten

Making a remark to the driver who blocked the passage with the wrong parking, the 58-year-old man did not even suspect what the “answer” would be.

According to the victim, the blows to the head were strong and ruthless, targeted and professional…

It all started on New Year’s Eve, shortly after seven o’clock in the evening, when a black car blocked the road, parking incorrectly and preventing other cars from passing. Mr. Konstantinos was returning home on his motorcycle, but even on such a vehicle it was impossible to pass.

After a long wait, the driver of the car finally left the apartment building and was reprimanded for improper parking. Considering his fists as a more powerful argument, the young owner of the car begins to inflict aimed blows on a man twice his age, like a professional boxer. The victim says:

“He came right up to me and I was wearing a helmet. I raised my shield to make it easier to talk to him, and he immediately hit me in the face. He continued to strike, aiming only at the face. I heard a crack when the nose broke, then the upper jaw broke. He hit me twice in the same place. The shots were precise and professional. He simply went to the distance that was convenient for him to deliver an offensive blow, a purely offensive crushing blow. And he didn’t hit the body or anything, he hit the exact spot, like a boxer who wants to punch, break another guy’s nose.”

He went on to talk about the aftermath of the unexpected meeting:

“Yesterday I had surgery. He broke my upper jaw, nose and cheekbones. My whole face is in cracks and now everything is in stitches.”

The victim’s daughter posted a description of the offender on social media:

“A young man about 23 years old, short hair, with a beard, about 1.80 tall. The car is black, with light-colored seats, without a front number. Even if you don’t know something, share it, maybe someone else will know.”

According to information publications newsbeast.gr, the police have already identified the 23-year-old offender and are looking for him to bring him to justice.

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