February 8, 2023

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Metropolitan Morphou will not attend the enthronement of the Archbishop of Cyprus because he supports the “Khazar President Zelensky”

Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfos with a categorical statement refused to attend the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Cyprus George, remaining “in his modest cell”, where he will pray for the metropolitans of Ukraine, persecuted by the troops of the “Khazar” President of Ukraine V. Zelensky.

Neophytos’s statements provoked a strong reaction in Cyprus, since in fact it is a “declaration” that he recognizes only the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as a “self-governing” (non-independent) church of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which is in church union with the Moscow Patriarchate, and not Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which was established in December 2018 for complete independence from the Russian patriarchy.

Until now, autocephaly, in addition to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, was recognized by the Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Church of Greece and the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos II, but without the decision of the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus.

As for the enthronement of the new archbishop of Cyprus, Morphou conveyed his wishes for a “well-established position” in his duties, but prefers to remain in his “humble cell”. However, it is clear that he separates his office from the archdiocese.

As for the president of Ukraine, he calls him “Khazar” because the Khazars were an empire of Turkic ethnic origin that flourished in the Ukrainian lands in the 8th century BC and is the greatest mystery for historians, since they chose the Jewish religion as theirs among the three monotheistic (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).

Their native religion was Tengizism, like that of the North Caucasian Huns and other Turkic tribes. The multinational composition of the population of the kaganates was a mosaic of pagans, Tengrians, Jews, Christians and Muslims. However, the ruling aristocracy, for unclear reasons, converted to Judaism around the 8th century.

Modern theory maintains that the core of the Ashkenazim arose from the hypothetical dispersion of the Khazar Jews. Therefore, she calls him “Khazar” to show that he is not a Christian and not even a Slav.

“We inform the pious Christian believers of the Church of Cyprus that His Eminence Metropolitan Morphos Neophytos wishes to attend the enthronement ceremony of His Beatitude Archbishop George of Cyprus on Sunday, 01/08/2023, but he prefers to remain in his humble cell, praying both for His Beatitude of Cyprus and for His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kyiv and All Ukraine,” the diocese of Morphou said in a statement.

It is also noted “for those who do not know that the rector of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan of Vishgorod and Chernobyl Pavlos, as well as his entourage are currently being tortured, threatened and harassed by the troops of the Khazar President of Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky. In fact, an Orthodox priest The Kyiv Orthodox Church has already been killed.”

The Metropolitan added: “As the aforementioned Metropolitan Pavlos specifically noted, from the evening of December 31, 2022, the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church is prohibited from holding holy liturgies in the “upper” Lavra, the altar of the monastery and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, thereby jeopardizing services in the famous Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with more than a thousand years of service history.”

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