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Who is to blame for the fact that New Year’s wishes do not come true, and what to do about it

Is it possible to change your life by making a cherished wish under the chiming clock? Why does it fail so often, and can it be fixed?

Regardless of age, many of us are waiting for the New Year’s miracle and believe that everything will change from the next day. But… everything remains the same. And we ourselves are to blame for this. Remember how many times you made a promise to yourself to start from scratch? Why do good intentions remain only in the plans? Let’s try to figure it out together from uznayvse.ru.

magical thinking

The tendency to endow the “border” between the old and the new year with a sacred meaning is to blame for the rudiments of magical thinking that have remained in human nature. It is they who are to blame for the fact that the phrase “I start a new life from the new year” is not enough for a long time. For some time, it really gives motivation, but, alas, work on oneself smoothly “goes into oblivion.”


The term procrastination means a type of behavior in which a person puts off solving even the most important tasks until the last moment or for a certain period of time: “from the first of January I will start learning English”, “from next week I will go on a diet”, “I will run in the morning in the summer”. Often missed opportunities are accompanied by feelings of guilt and even a kind of paralysis of the will: day X comes, and a person will certainly find a new starting point – somewhere in the future.

Comfort zone

Most people are adherents of stability and are simply afraid to leave their usual comfort zone. There are many reasons for this: “What if it gets worse? I don’t have time for this. I don’t have enough money. I should have started earlier, but now it’s too late.”

Lack of designated goals

Lack of a clear plan, an undefined goal and its “blurring” can be one of the reasons for the “lack of the expected miracle.” We honestly tell ourselves and sincerely believe in our words: “From the first of January I will become a new person.” However, this goal is too vague, under the concept of a “new person” completely different aspirations can be hidden: to lose weight or tidy up your appearance, change jobs, take care of your health, etc. But after all, the global goal implies its gradual, small steps, achievement. And without this, the main goal will remain in my dreams.

Understanding your desires

It is good if the goal set is one’s own desire, and not a tribute to social standards or popular actions. Sincerity and understanding of one’s aspirations is the basis of motivation. If you can’t explain to yourself why everything that is being started is important to you, then this is not at all what you need.

The path to a dream is not fast

To fulfill your desire, you absolutely do not need to be tied to a specific date. In the end, the New Year is a banal change of numbers on the calendar. Start fulfilling your dream right away, right today, by making a clear plan and breaking the global goal into tasks and subtasks. Make a list of inevitable expenses and potential obstacles that you will need to first find effective ways to overcome. Don’t rush, move slowly and don’t follow patterns. Motivate yourself with the reason why you decided to change your life:

  • learning a foreign language is necessary for a prestigious job abroad;
  • losing weight promises enthusiastic looks on the beach during a summer vacation;
  • regular workouts in the gym will make you stronger and help protect your loved ones, if necessary, and so on.

Summarizing the above, it remains to add: on New Year’s Eve, give yourself only those promises that you want and can fulfill. And you can start acting even before the chiming clock – the sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve the desired result. And then instead of depression from an unfulfilled New Year’s wish, you will get self-confidence, adequate self-esteem and the achievement of a cherished goal.

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