February 8, 2023

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Turkish coast guard boat threatens Greek colleagues with dangerous maneuvers (video)

A Greek Coast Guard patrol boat was harassed by a Turkish Coast Guard vessel off Farmakonisi Island in the Dodecanese, in the southeastern Aegean Sea, on Thursday morning.

According to a statement released by the Greek Coast Guard, its boat found three Turkish fishing boats that were fishing illegally in Greek territorial waters southeast of Farmakonisi. He was pursued by a Turkish vessel, which was making dangerous maneuvers to ram a Greek patrol boat. At one point, a Greek Coast Guard boat fired warning shots in the safe zone. The incident ended when the Turkish ship left the scene towards the Turkish coast.

Video: At least 2 Turkish Coast Guard boats in the area.

According to Skai TV, the Turkish ship was 2 nautical miles from Greek territorial waters. The Turkish Coast Guard has released a statement about the serious incident at Pharmakonisi, and as expected, its version is completely different from the Greek one.

In a statement released by the Turkish side, Ankara argues a different approach, saying among other things: “When the Greek coast guard vessel fired into the air while moving away from the area, the Turkish coast guard vessel responded in kind.”

Turkey considers this territory its own and has repeatedly come into conflict with Greece. Several times the conflicts turned into skirmishes with casualties.

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