February 3, 2023

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Ministry of Culture of Greece: "Parthenon sculptures for rent? It’s a lie"

The Ministry of Culture, in an official statement, denies and at the same time rejects any approach to the issue of the Parthenon sculptures, which would mean consent to their return through a loan.

According to this statement, messages Bloomberg, Repubblica and Times that Athens and London are negotiating an indefinite agreement to transfer the Parthenon sculptures from the British Museum to the Acropolis Museum is a lie. According to the Greek Ministry of Culture, the marble sculptures of the Parthenon in London are the result of theft, so the right of the British side to legal ownership of the sculptures cannot be recognized.

However, the Ministry of Culture does not refute the reports already published by the aforementioned media about the progress of negotiations between London and Athens on the return of sculptures to the Acropolis Museum in a different way and method than transfer for temporary use.

Announcement of the Ministry of Culture about the sculptures of the Parthenon:

“The government, from the very beginning of its term, is moving seriously, responsibly, delicately and effectively towards realizing the national goal of returning the Parthenon sculptures to Athens and reuniting them in the Acropolis Museum.

This is undoubtedly evidenced by a number of events that have taken place over the past two years, from the decision of UNESCO in September 2021 and the final (sine die) reunification of the Fagan fragment to the appeal and support of the Greek demand by international public opinion. We once again confirm the firm position of our country, which does not recognize the ownership and ownership of sculptures by the British Museum, since they are the product of theft.

So let the official opposition stop making faces. We expect that in this national effort petty party calculations will be put aside and there will be a unification of all parties. Unfortunately we don’t see it. For some, the first goal is to wear down the government, even with lies, whether or not they cause damage to the country. It’s a pity”.

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