February 3, 2023

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Hunters for scooters were in handcuffs

The criminals in the van combed the area in search of electric scooters and steal them without a twinge of conscience.

Within a few days, 21 scooters were stolen with a total value of more than 17,000 euros. Electric scooters (ηλεκτρικά πατίνια) attracted the attention of a gang from the southern suburbs of Athens, who systematically stole mini vehicles for transportation. As it became known, the criminals used a van to search for pattini and either kidnapped them or removed parts, mainly batteries.

The criminal activity was brought to a halt yesterday afternoon when the police located and arrested three members of the gang. The perpetrators traveled by truck through areas such as Glyfada, Wari, Voula and Vouliagmeni. Their latest theft took place yesterday afternoon when they were spotted by Attica Direct Action Police. A criminal case has been initiated against the thieves for participation in a criminal organization (gang), embezzlement, as well as for violating the law on addictive substances.

During the searches, the following were found and seized:

  • 3 batteries from scooters,
  • van truck,
  • hacking tools,
  • 3 mobile phones,
  • 1197 euros
  • a small amount of cocaine.

As a result of the preliminary investigation, 21 cases of theft have been identified so far, and the amount of damage exceeds 17,000 euros. The arrested were taken to the competent prosecutor’s office.

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