February 5, 2023

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“New era of wars” and killer robots

Analysts speak of a possible “new era of warfare” and warn that drone success in Ukraine could lead to the emergence of autonomous combat killer robots.

As writes The Associated Press, the use of drones in the Ukrainian conflict will accelerate a technological trend that could in the very near future bring the world’s first fully autonomous combat killer robots to the battlefield, thus ushering in a new era of warfare.

AI researchers and military analysts agree that the longer the Ukrainian conflict lasts, the more likely it is that drones will be used to identify, select and attack targets without human assistance. They emphasize:

“It would mean a revolution in military technology as profound as the advent of the machine gun.”

Analysts have warned that both sides of the conflict have weapons equipped with artificial intelligence. At the same time, robots have not been used anywhere in the world that would eliminate the enemy without a person. The publication allowed the onset of a new stage in the development of weapons:

“Experts say it may only be a matter of time before Russia or Ukraine or both deploy them.”

“Many states are developing this technology,” says Zachary Cullenborn, a weapons innovation analyst at George Mason University. “Obviously it’s not that hard.”

The sense of inevitability extends to activists who have tried for years to ban killer drones but now feel they should be content with trying to limit the offensive use of weapons.

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