February 2, 2023

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MEPs salary

After a loud New Year’s Eve scandal in the European Parliament, many ordinary citizens asked themselves: how much does a MEP get?

The information is open, so it is not difficult to get an answer. Information about the salaries of deputies can be found at official website. As it turned out, it is the same for everyone, but it differs for representatives of different countries due to tax nuances.

Monthly salary is 9808 euros 67 cents “dirty”. After tax deductions, an average of approximately 7,300 euros remains “net” – this amount depends on the characteristics of the tax systems of each state.

In addition, deputies receive various kinds of compensation. However, for absenteeism of meetings, they can be reduced. For example, the chosen ones receive compensation for the trip to Brussels and back, and the cost of working outside their native country is no more than 4,700 euros per year. And the deputies receive the same amount for spending on office equipment: Internet, telephone, stationery.

Further: for accommodation and accommodation in Brussels or Strasbourg, daily allowances are issued – 338 euros. A deputy can spend 25,000 monthly to pay for his assistant, but he does not have the right to manage this amount directly.

After the expiration of the term of office, a one-time allowance is due at the rate of one monthly salary for each year of work with a mandate. And at the age of 63, leaving for a well-deserved rest, the deputy receives a pension from the European budget – 3.5% of the monthly salary for each full year worked, but not more than 70% in total.

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