January 27, 2023

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Vassilis Topalos: police are considering his participation in illegal matches

Greek police are considering the possible participation of 16-year-old European boxing champion Vassilis Topalos in illegal matches that could lead to the death of a young athlete.

According to the “T live” program on the Alpha channel, the police say that the blows to the minor’s head were so hard that they did not correspond to the previously claimed fall in the toilet. On the contrary, victims of serious traffic accidents receive similar blows.

According to the lawyer of the owner of the gym and the athlete’s coach, Alexander Papaioannidis, the testimony coincides with the testimony of the teenager’s father, and no other episodes of fainting were recorded in previous days. Recall that, according to the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, the teenager had severe head injuries that led to his death.

The cause of the injuries is currently under investigation and additional tests will be carried out.

16-year-old athlete who passed away after two weeks in intensive care, he appeared to have died from a head injury. Thus, in the near future, additional studies will be carried out in order to identify the causes and circumstances that led to his death.

Recall that the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, responsible for sports violence, appealed to the sports prosecutor with a request to conduct a preliminary investigation into the causes of death of a teenager.

According to the first version Vasilis died after injury, received in the ring during a sparring session on Friday, December 16, at the gym in Kallithea. It was a normal workout, but at some point the young man felt severe nausea, abdominal discomfort and a tendency to vomit. The young man went to the gym’s bathroom, where he lost consciousness and hit a hard surface.

Another athlete who saw him on the floor called his father and the gym manager. Two men tried to give him first aid and then took him to the hospital. There, Vasilis underwent an operation to remove a hematoma.

Deputy Sports Minister Lefteris Avgenakis has demanded an investigation into the serious injury of the Greek athlete, and the Hellenic Boxing Federation is gathering evidence to file a complaint against all those responsible.

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