February 5, 2023

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Transvestite criticizes “progressive” mothers: “When you bring your children to us, you ruin them”

Kitty Demour, American drag queen, sent a message to mothers who consider themselves progressive, super modern and super inclusive through her personal YouTube account.

Demur openly spoke out against mothers taking their children to the days of reading “fairy tales from drag queen”. She treats with a great deal of malice those who advocate this incomprehensible phenomenon, when drag queen telling children “fairy tales”: “I have no idea why you take your children to read fairy tales to them drag queen. I have no idea!”

“What the hell did you do drag queen besides putting on makeup and jumping around the dance floor doing sexy stunts, why would you appreciate her so much and set her as an example to your children?”, – drag queen I asked mothers directly if they would like their children to have strippers or porn stars as role models?

drag queen perform in clubs for adults. Behind the scenes – nudity, drugs and dirt. I honestly don’t understand what you are trying to achieve,” she said in her video, emphasizing that it is horribly irresponsible of them to take their children to such events.

“Don’t think you’re doing us a favor. You’re only creating more trouble for us. We have a reputation, which is true, of being pedophiles, perverts. And there’s no need for you to bring your children to us. Keep them at home or take them to Disneyland, and if you want them to see the painted people, take them to the circus. So don’t ruin your children and don’t ruin our souls,” Kitty Demour concluded.

PS With Greek politicians, it’s understandable, they need to curry favor with the “Big Brother”. But why do Greek parents need to introduce their children to this? In Greece, almost everything is allowed. Brothels, gay bars, strip clubs and other establishments where they have sex on stage are the norm of life in modern Greece. But underage children are not allowed there. And so someone decided to take a detour.

Did moms and dads who brought their young children to this event want to introduce their children to something American, inclusive, unusual? Why not immediately to a brothel, strip club? After all, in fact, this show is from the same category?

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