February 3, 2023

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Patras: carols… on your knees

In Patras, a gypsy was forced to carol on his knees and, continuing to mock him, they set him on fire.

On New Year’s Eve, in one of the auto enterprises of Patras, they cruelly mocked an adult gypsy. On December 31, a 35-year-old man went there with a request to sing carols in order to earn some money. In response, they began to ridicule him and offered to “perform his repertoire” on his knees. Incident, according to edition Pelop, occurred without the knowledge of the owner of the car dealership and in his absence.

The gypsy knelt down and began to sing, but the mockers doused his clothes with a flammable liquid and set him on fire, continuing to laugh and make racist jokes. Roma starts screaming, and he is filmed on the phone. Fortunately, the man managed to put out the fire, and he begins to threaten legal action.

One of the perpetrators posted scenes of inhuman torture on his social network profile as a “story”, and the incident quickly became public. The competent authorities, the newspaper notes, informed about the incident. And the company is now trying to calm the victim and negotiate with him.

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