January 27, 2023

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New Year’s scandal in Romania: Russian soldiers in cars with the letter "Z"

Romanian police are investigating an incident at a New Year’s parade in the commune of Berzuntii – people in Russian military uniforms drove cars with the letter Z.

As writes According to Digi24, images have appeared on the Internet that have caused a negative reaction from users: masked people dressed as Russian soldiers walk next to cars that have fake nuclear missiles and the letter “Z”. At the same time, “Russian soldiers” incited violence and even rape. There was a version that it was a parody of the military from Russia.

The TV channel reports that every year the inhabitants of the commune of Berzunti in the Romanian county of Bacau hold various thematic parades. The police noted:

“The Bacău police officers have launched an investigation to accurately establish the actual situation, and depending on the result, they will take the necessary legal measures.”

Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest “regrets that on the day when Ukraine was subjected to massive rocket fire from the Russian Federation, a half-joking demonstration was organized in Bacau County, in which the symbols of Russian terrorists were used.” The Embassy calls on “the Romanian legal authorities to conduct a prompt and detailed investigation into this event”:

“We are convinced that such a manifestation contradicts the position of the Romanian people, who expressed unconditional support for Ukraine in the war unleashed by the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian state. We hope that this event will be duly appreciated by the Romanian society. Symbols of Russian aggression must be banned throughout the civilized world. We call on the Romanian legal authorities to conduct a prompt and detailed investigation into this event.”

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