February 8, 2023

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New Star Art Cinema: 31 films of the Soviet era from January 7 to 11

New Star Art Cinema: 31 films of the Soviet era from January 7 to 11


The New Star Art Cinema in Athens, dedicated to the famous “Soviet montage” movement, presents 31 masterpieces by Soviet directors who sat on the “propaganda trains of the revolution”.


In 2022, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Soviet Union, New Star organized a festival of film screenings and events that will run for the full 12 months, starting with a unique tribute to the Soviet Editors’ Movement, followed by other film tributes, as well as theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions, publications, conferences, lectures, dance performances, food festivals, book fairs, etc.

The historical art cinema of Athens, Star Art Cinema, will present 31 masterpieces of Soviet cinema with an emphasis on the “Soviet montage movement” – 11 of them are shown in Greece for the first time. The screening will begin this Thursday with Dziga Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera” (4 pm), followed by Lev Kuleshov’s “Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks” (5 pm).

The first film shows life in Odessa and other cities in the Soviet Union, with the camera focusing on citizens, work and play, and inanimate things such as machines and their functions. The second film is a comedy with strong satirical overtones, a humorous deconstruction of the hysterical anti-Soviet propaganda that dominated the mostly American press during the interwar period.

On January 7, Sergei Eisenstein will be honored with his landmark film “The Battleship Potemkin” (15.30), about the uprising of the sailors of the battleship of the same name in Odessa in 1905, during the Russo-Japanese War, and “The Strike” (17.00), about the strike of workers at the factory in 1912, which leads to bloodshed by the legitimate authorities.

In a programme:

  • Saturday 7/1: At 15.30 “Arsenal – Armory” by Alexander Dovzhenko and at 17.00 “Mother” by Vsevolod Pudovkin.
  • Sunday 8/1: 15.00 “Old and new – general line” by Eisenstein, 17.00 “KinoPravda No. 21 – Cinematic poem about Lenin” by Vertov and 17.30 “Enthusiasm – Donpas symphony” by the same author.
  • Monday 9/1: 15.00 “Earth” by Dovzhenko (15.00), “Forward Soviet” (16.15) and “The Eleventh Year” (17.15) by Vertov.
  • Tuesday 10/1: 16.00 “Diplomatic suitcase” Dovzhenko.
  • Wednesday 11/1: 16.15 “Kinoglaz” by Vertov and 17.00 “The End of St. Petersburg” by Pudovkin.

As Studio New Star Art Cinema and Velissaris Kosivakis point out, most directors of that era went through the flames of civil war. Together with the newly formed Red Army, they boarded the “propaganda trains of the revolution” to awaken and strengthen the consciousness of the people. At the front, they studied montage not as some abstract theory, but as a result of the lack of film due to the West’s boycott of the young Soviet state. Therefore, they made short films, simply and popularly illustrated, with communist positions and slogans.

When the first State Film School was established in Moscow in 1920, the Soviet montage movement arose, which dominated until 1945, and filmmakers began to make films that became a conscious mirror of Soviet life.

Новое советское кино взяло на себя ответственность предложить нечто новое, охватившее все вокруг, проникшее во все сферы политической и общественной деятельности. Он взял на себя обязательство стать на сторону забот советских людей, освещая их в революционно-историческом контексте нового общества. Поэтому кинематографисты снимали пропагандистские фильмы и комедии, обращались к фантастике и революциям прошлого.

“Студия new star art cinema”, Адрес. Σταυροπούλου 33, Πλ. Αμερικής, тел. 21 0864 0054. Дневной билет 5 евро, недельный билет 20 евро. www.newstarartcinema.gr

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