February 2, 2023

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"Gold" coffee: how much has its price increased over the past 2 years

The cost of coffee has risen unimaginably over the past two years.

Coffee in a cup (to take away) becomes a luxury item. Statistics show a monthly increase of up to 20 euros (during the last 2 years) for this simple daily pleasure.

One of my favorite habits, drinking coffee, has become a kind of … luxury, as the price has risen not only for coffee itself, but also for sugar and milk, which are often added to the drink. Given that the price of “related” products jumped sharply in the context of a general price increase in 2022.

At the same time, espresso prices in supermarkets are expected to increase by more than 7%.

Student / worker for 2 cups of coffee per day (freddo espresso) paid per month:

• in 2021: 64 euros,

• in 2022: 76 euros,

• in 2023: 84 euros.

That is, neither more nor less, but +20 € / month for 2 years. Why did the price of coffee go up?

• Since 2021: A prolonged drought in Brazil has led to an increase in the use of the Arabica variety.

• From 01/01/2022: environmental tax “on packaging” +0.10 euros per cup and lid.

• Electricity costs (a special expense item for coffee shops and catering).

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