February 3, 2023

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Shocking video: drag queen asks ‘gay parents to have sex with their kids so they can be happy’

After a shameful action for the Greek university community, when transvestite read fairy tales to little childrenanother transvestite asks gay parents to have sex with the children they adopt or the children they have by artificial insemination, so long as… they are happy!

At the same time, the prosecutor does not respond to a legally justified complaint and does not proceed with the case in order to bring violators of the law to justice, because he is clearly afraid to touch the LGBTQ+ community, which has high patrons not only at the local level, but also overseas.

This problem is not only social, but, above all, deeply political, as the Greek political parties consider it necessary to stand on the side of LGBTQ+, regardless of the situation and the validity of the accusations. Therefore, governments and courts are responsible for letting people like Lignadis go free despite their sentence.

And a transvestite who invites gay couples to have sex with their children, committing a serious criminal offense, is still roaming free. Here’s what he said:“Especially with everything that’s going on here in Greece, I remembered that abroad four and three year olds can go to gay bars, so whatever you want to do, you can do abroad.

We don’t have that kind of progress here, so they misunderstand it. Fathers raise children from an early age, fathers, not mothers, and these are always happy kids. Now if the father wants to have sex with them, he can have sex with them. It’s his right, you can’t go into another guy’s house, into someone else’s bed, if he puts the child to bed or puts on a condom to fuck him.

When a child is in the jurisdiction of any divorced father or is being raised by joint fathers, they will do whatever they want. The bottom line is whether the child is happy. When he’s happy… full stop.

… Either the little one will eat a carrot, or the big one will eat a carrot, in the end, he will eat a carrot, and then his best man, cousin, uncle, father himself will be waiting for him”.

Then the drag queen, Drag Queen, shows up at kindergartens to read fairy tales to young children. This is the man who, in his own published video, says he “fucks 15 year olds” and even risks “going to jail” for it. Children at a tender age, when their personality is still being formed, have heard stories from a man who publicly admits that he has raped children!

As we reported earlierparents with children, as well as representatives of the Greek left-liberal parties attended the “event” organized by “Thessaloniki Pride”, the group “Rainbow” and students of the University of Thessaly with drag queen, that is, a transvestite dressed as a woman, reading a “fairy tale” to children in Thessaloniki. Initially, the event was planned to take place in a private kindergarten in Kalamaria. However, due to the large number of participants (I wonder, drag queens?) and the reaction, the organizers changed the venue.

history”drag queenwho saved Christmas” was read to the children drag queen RawBee Candles.

Aphrodite Latinopuli, vice-president of the party “PATRIDA”, was indignant at the event, during which transvestites will read fairy tales children aged 3 to 12 years.

Of the parliamentary parties, only Katerina Laspa, the head of the PASOK-KINAL volunteer sector, reacted to what was happening on her personal Instagram account, stating: “Poor. Let everyone do what they want with themselves. However, no one has the right to impose such standards on children in this way.”

“Today, Drag Queens will read fairy tales to children from kindergartens and primary schools in Thessaloniki. Let everyone do what they want with themselves. No one has the right to impose such standards on children in an indirect form,” Katerina Laspa wrote in her message.

Yannis Vikas, deputy secretary of the PASOK-KINAL party for human rights, representative of the LGBT + network of European socialists in Greece and responsible for supporting LGBTQ +, immediately responded to the post of Katerina Laspa.

“Homophobia and transphobia have been unequivocally condemned by PASOK throughout time. And when offensive remarks come from members of the party, they in no way express the values ​​of social democracy that we fight so hard for to destroy stereotypes and discrimination in our societies. In this case Ms. Laspa’s statements are statements on her own behalf, and not on behalf of the party,” he said.

Giannis Vikas recalled that the PASOK party was institutionally represented by LGBT Vassia Madesi, who also made a post supporting the event.

NGOs called Katerina Laspa’s comment “unacceptable, offensive, highly racist and transphobic.”

It is worth noting that many residents of Greece did not like this situation. At the Kalamaria police station, a group of citizens filed a complaintwhich was brought to the attention of the Municipality of Kalamaria and the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The complaint refers to articles of the constitution and laws that are violated when organizing such events, which automatically makes them illegal.

“Because this is a gross violation of the constitution regarding morality and morality, these offenses are constant autophoric crimes, and, in addition to arresting the perpetrators, municipalities must also revoke the licenses to operate these establishments or not give permission for public events,” the text of the complaint says. .

In fact, the applicants say that lawsuits will also follow against the police officers who, being present at the event, did not stop it, as they should have done, although they were informed about it.

PS The lack of response from the prosecutor’s office and the police clearly shows that the case will most likely not be considered. U.S.-imposed inclusiveness in the Greek political establishment plays too much of a role. And everyone knows perfectly well that any complaint against representatives of the LGBT+ community automatically means a “threat to democracy” and the corresponding conclusions. Therefore, if a gay person corrupts and rapes children, as, for example, Lignadis, he will be put under house arrest in the worst case.

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