February 5, 2023

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Increase in prices for basic foodstuffs up to 35%

Consumers are in for a new price storm, which will place an additional burden on the shoulders of thousands of households in the country.

According to preliminary information, it is expected that the increase in prices for some goods will reach 35%, while on average they will be about 12-13%. Companies have already sent out new invoices to supermarket chains with price increases for many product categories.

In particular, the growth is accounted for by cereals up to 19%, meat by 17%, fish and eggs. At the same time, the high cost will affect such daily food products as vegetables, sweets, coffee and juices. In addition, a significant increase in prices is observed for olive oil. If you look at the price of a traditional 15-liter tin container, which, for example, in other regions was sold at a price of 50 to 70 euros, in northern Greece it already costs 70 euros and more. Thus, those who purchase oil of a new production (produced in the current year) will receive it not for 55 euros, but for 70 and 75 euros.

Incredible rise in food prices:

  • vegetables, canned food about 19%
  • sauces all kinds 25-30%
  • rice 15%
  • jams, soft drinks, yoghurts 10%
  • baby milk and baby food 8-10%
  • honey 6-7%
  • espresso coffee – more than 7%
  • legumes – by more than 7%.

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