February 2, 2023

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Ice straws for drinks will replace plastic counterparts

Ice straws for different types of drinks have been developed and will become a reality as early as May 2023.

Rather, these are not the straws themselves, but unique silicone molds. By pouring water into them and putting them in the freezer, in half an hour you will receive an ecological “tool” made of ice for various drinks.

Created an alternative to plastic straws startup The Ice Guys, reports New Atlas. There are three different sizes of straws designed for different types of drinks:

  • Classic has a length of 220 mm and a hole with a diameter of 5 mm;
  • Cocktail is only 140mm long and has the same opening width of 5mm, this straw allows you to drink from shorter cocktail glasses;
  • Boba is the “thick” version of the Classic, with a hole diameter of 12 mm, which allows you to swallow Bubble tea bubbles.

In response to the fear of running out of straws quickly, Ice Guys is reassuring: you can pre-freeze a few, take them out of the mold and store them in the freezer. By the way, they don’t always have to be made from water ice – you can try making straws from juice or a soft drink.

There are a few more questions about the practicality of Ice Straws. How much time are people willing to spend making straws every time they feel like drinking? Will they melt before you can finish your drink? How likely are they to crack and leak? Will the cold be unpleasant to the fingers or lips? However, answers to them can be obtained, alas, only in the process of use.

And about the price. Fancy straws start at $19 for a single shape in any of three sizes, or $39 for a triple pack. If all goes as planned, shipping should start in May 2023, just in time for the start of summer. However, for mass production in the required quantities, Ice Guys is currently looking for funding.

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