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Winter sales: when do they start and on what Sundays will shops be open

The holiday season in Greece is almost over, but consumers will once again be able to shop at bargain prices from January 9 when the 2023 winter sales kick off.

It is expected that the sales will last until February 28, 2023, since, according to the bill of the Ministry of Development, winter sales will take place from the second Monday of January and will last until the end of February.

It should also be noted that it has been announced which Sundays in 2023 stores will remain open to make it easier for consumers to shop. In particular, these are the following five days:

  • January 15, 2023 is the first Sunday of the winter sale.
  • April 9, 2023 – Palm Sunday.
  • July 16, 2023 is the first Sunday of the summer sale.
  • December 24, 2023 is the last day before Christmas.
  • December 31, 2023 is the last day before the New Year.

Why do stores have sales?

It all started back in the 18th century, when a flood of colonial goods poured into Europe. Merchants needed to free up warehouses as soon as possible for the delivery of new batches in order to keep up with competitors and more often surprise spoiled buyers with something new. That’s when sales were invented. Now, there are many more reasons why they are satisfied with stores.

To attract new customers. Often we learn about a particular store just when it announces a sale throughout the country. There is interest in this outlet and thoughts about bargains. As a result – the desire to immediately visit it. If you liked the product, then you will surely tell your friends about this store and be sure to return there on non-sale days to view the assortment without haste and queues in fitting rooms.

To sell more. Often, when we have the opportunity to save money, we, without hesitation, spend money on something that we were not going to buy at all. The store remains a big winner, but the weak-willed shopaholics, unfortunately, do not. Of course, you need to pamper and please yourself from time to time, but chocolate, for example, also adds happiness hormones, while it costs only 20-100 rubles. for tiles without discounts and sales, and it does not take up space in the closet.

To interest the new collection. The best advertisement for a new collection of clothes or shoes is the sale of the old one taking place at the same time. It seems that the store is hung with all sorts of “-50%”. But you go there and find that the discount is only on certain items from last season, and bright fashion models are already flaunting around, but the discounts do not apply to them. As a result, you walk away with a couple of overpriced fashion items without even remembering the “-50%” that lured you into the store.

To convince the buyer of the affordability of prices. Often, especially for the sale, a batch of cheap goods is imported, which were never even mentioned in this store before. Having bought a thing there for a penny once, you will surely remember this place and return there in search of inexpensive outfits, and of course, look around the entire range in passing.

Because everyone makes mistakes. Even the most experienced buyers (purchasing managers for retail chains) are not always able to guess what things will be in demand this season, what colors, styles, sizes and in what quantities to order. The vagaries of the weather also influence. Who, for example, among the sellers in Moscow could have guessed that the winter of 2006/07 would be so warm? None. And everyone, as usual, forced the counters with high boots with fur.


What lure us

The most win-win tricks have long been adopted by all major retail chains, and you probably know them too. But from this they do not lose their influence on buyers and still cause an active desire to buy.

Double and triple price tags. The demonstrative crossing of the old price and the crookedly glued new one attract like a magnet. Feeling the difference, the buyer remains satisfied with it, and the likelihood that he will not leave with nothing increases many times over. And if prices are crossed out five times, then it gives the impression of the most profitable purchase and the impossibility of postponing it, because you think: “Wow, how much I can save! Apparently, this is the last price. We must urgently take it, otherwise someone will get ahead of me!

Two things for the price of one. It also sounds very tempting, although from the trade language into human this phrase is translated as “50% discount on all junk.” The choice of the second thing, however, is very limited. You can choose it from the same sale collection and within the same amount as you have already paid.

Limited offer. “Discounts only today and never again!”, “The store is closing!”, “Last day of the sale, hurry up!” and everything like that. And now you are really in a hurry, look closely and, even if in doubt, buy, because tomorrow it may be too late. They do not leave you time to think, suggesting “buy now or forget about it forever.”

Often, “last day” or “closing” announcements are a real gimmick; some stores don’t remove such signs from their windows for weeks or even months. Suffice it to recall a recent story, when one popular shoe chain first announced to the whole country about the impending closure, and a year later (!) suddenly “changed its mind”. A brilliant move, which certainly brought the ideologists of the company a huge profit.

Often, sellers “transparently” hint that all the cheap goods in the hall and there will be no additional receipts. Although in reality it is not.

“VIP sale for regular customers.” Holders of “gold” and “platinum” discount cards of a particular store are periodically sent by mail or e-mail invitations to the so-called closed sales on special conditions. At the same time, in

the boutique at the appointed time is really allowed only by invitation, and the “lucky ones” are treated with sweets and champagne.

In fact, you are simply invited to “enjoy” discounts a couple of days before their official announcement in order to test the demand for different models on you. After all, the store is aware that you are a generous buyer, all your purchases are recorded on the club card, which is why he needs you in the first place. Although you don’t get any “exclusive” in return. In two days, the store will have the same items and at the same prices as in your “closed” sale.

90% discount. Yes, and this happens, but, as a rule, this only means that the markup before the sale was prohibitive, for 3,000 rubles. they were selling something that was not even worth 300, and that the warehouse was simply littered with it. It is the sale that shows the true price of the goods without ambitious trade markups. If you got to such a sale and still chose something you need, then mark yourself for the future that this is a store that is too overpriced.

How to resist the tricks of merchants?

Very simple – go shopping without a penny in your pocket. Well, but seriously?

Watch out..."Black Friday"

All are equal before the law

Any announcements in the store that “things bought on sale are not subject to exchange and return” are nothing more than a clever invention of sellers, sometimes covering up the sale of low-quality goods. Don’t get caught up in the holiday euphoria! New Year’s is good, but you don’t have to lose your head. Remember this! In the new year, many are trying to start life from scratch, but you should not start it with an empty wallet, “overdoing it” at holiday sales.

Make a list. This is your main weapon against the temptation to succumb to spontaneous shopping. You must clearly define what you really need, and strive for exactly this and buy cheaper, and not rush to everything.

On the eve of the holidays, make a list of names of those to whom you are going to give something. Try not to forget anyone, but also do not buy gifts with a margin, so that later you do not have to leave cute New Year’s baubles that have not found their owner until the next New Year.

Leave your credit card at home. A handy thing is a credit card with a grace period. You can buy a bunch of all sorts of things on it (naturally, within the established limit), and then repay the debt within 50-60 days, and without any interest.

It would seem that if you spent 20,000 rubles, then in two months, having received, for example, two salaries of 30,000 rubles each, you can easily pay off such a debt. However, in fact, this is a disastrous approach, which, in the event of dismissal, illness, forgetfulness, or any other “failure” that did not allow you to pay off the bank on time, will lead to a rather large 20-30% accrued on the debt. Consequently, all your benefits from shopping will come to naught, and your credit history may be damaged. Use a credit card only in emergency cases, when money is really needed badly.

Do not complex. Many of us are shy in front of expensive stores and go there only during sales. However, in a boutique where saleswomen kindly greet and ask “how can I help?”, it becomes somehow awkward to immediately rush to the coveted discount stand and we begin to slowly go around the trading floor, discovering something very interesting along the way. It can be difficult to refuse a beautiful little thing and the courtesy of sellers. Only at home can there be a feeling of “déjà vu”: it will seem to us that we bought something that we already hang on a hanger, only at an exorbitant price.

Try to avoid shopping out of politeness, and whatever store you enter, do not leave self-respect at the door, but to the question “how can I help?” answer: “Money!”

Do not fall for the promised gifts. The second, donated, thing will be a pleasant trifle, only if you chose and bought the first one consciously and for its own sake, and not because you were promised something to give “in addition”. And if you need exactly what they give, it is better to buy it separately, the price is likely to be lower than for the first thing, and save space in the closet.

Patience! If during the sale you liked something, but you are not completely sure of the expediency of the purchase, postpone it at least until tomorrow. It is possible that this thing is not so necessary for you – but it takes time to understand this.

Attention! Be picky about the quality of what you buy. Cheap things often look cheap. The desire to wear them, as a rule, disappears after the first exit, and they become another burden for the wardrobe.

Calm! Many of us, seeing the crowd in the store, rush to join it and “for the company” buy too much. Instead of giving in to the hype, check your wallet, check your list, and stay calm. Climb into the crowd only if they really “give” something from what you planned in advance.

Don’t be a fashion victim. Do not rush to buy something trendy from the last collection at the end of winter. Surely in a year all this will be hopelessly outdated. If you buy off-season items, then only the classic style and cut: they never go out of fashion. Although discounts are often lower.

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