February 2, 2023

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"We do not know the number of illegal immigrants in Greece – legal 1,000,000"

The number of illegal immigrants in Greece is unknown, as admitted on a morning TV show Deputy Minister of Immigration and Asylum Sofia Vultepsiadding that there are more than a million “legal” immigrants in the country!

In short, no one knows how many foreigners live in the country, and over the years they will receive the full rights of Greek citizens, irreversibly changing the composition of the population.

This good replacement for the native Greeks, who, according to the latest census, less than 10 millionat least according to the current authorities.

“We have about 1 million legal immigration. Who live, work, whose documents are in order, we are talking about legal immigration (how they came to the country and became “legal” is another matter)”.

Then, in response to a question about how many illegal immigrants (i.e. undocumented, and we don’t even know where they are), she said the following:

“We have asylum seekers who are not so many anymore, it’s about 25,000, and we certainly have people who have received asylum and are legal, but may not be able to be registered because they live in some houses if they opened the door and so on (what does the minister mean here that they got in on their own?), we have many who received a refusal decision.I can not give a figure how many illegal immigrants are in Greece, because we don’t know how many of them leave after getting asylum there are people who get asylum and go to other countries and there has to be some kind of verification here but we can’t say for sure do you know why? have the right to travel anywhere for 90 days, but they can return to the country that granted them asylum (i.e. Greece).

In particular, the President of the Republic, Ekaterina Sakellaropoulou, stressed that the Greek population is declining and aging, and noted that since 2011, as evidenced by relevant polls, our country has entered a new phase, unprecedented in the post-war years.

It should be noted that last year in February, immediately after Pakistan, where an agreement was reached on the “legalization” of illegal immigrants, and at the same time direct flights between Athens and Islamabad were announced (so that more people would come), N. Mitarakis went to Bangladesh…

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