February 8, 2023

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UK: New Year’s Eve fireworks in exchange for… a wandering walrus

In the British Scarborough in the county of North Yorkshire, residents had to be left without New Year’s fireworks – because of a walrus that swam into the harbor, the city council decided to cancel the noisy event.

As writes newspaper The Guardian, a one-ton male dubbed Thor, was sighted off the coast of Hampshire in southern England in early December. In three weeks, he managed to overcome 650 km, moving north to his native Arctic waters. The condition of the walrus does not cause concern, however, it may take several days to restore strength after such a difficult swim. Steve Siddons, head of the city council, says:

“We are disappointed that we had to cancel the fireworks, but the welfare of the walrus is more important.”

According to the media, the walrus could also have sailed from Canada, since before that the mammal was seen in the Netherlands and France. In the UK, encounters with walruses are rare. Only two sightings of these animals have been recorded off the British coast in the past two years.

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