February 5, 2023

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Refugees from Ukraine arrange their personal lives in Europe, breaking up families

Stories about Ukrainian refugees periodically appear in the European media. About the loudest scandals told the publication “Strana”.

Recently, “smell” stories related to Ukrainian refugees regularly appear in the European press. Although their scandalousness is connected, rather, “with the fact that they happened precisely with Ukrainian women and precisely with refugees – after all, you won’t surprise anyone with such situations for a long time. They tell, for example, about how Ukrainian women take their husbands away from families. And to someone even managed to marry representatives of the European elite, writes edition.

“That was the start of my nightmare”

Tatyana, a 31-year-old resident of Kherson, traveled from Ukraine to Olsztyn, a city in northern Poland. She and another refugee, a 55-year-old from Kiev, were taken in by a married couple. As 29-year-old Polish Anna told Fakt.pl., This was the beginning of her nightmare. On the very first evening, her 42-year-old husband Peter, already a former, offered Tatyana a drink – to relieve stress. Anna recalls:

“I was surprised because he never drank. I decided not to interfere. A week later, my husband put alcohol on the table again. Together with Tatyana, they drank a bottle of vodka. And more and more often, my husband began to criticize me, saying that I was of no use that I don’t dress well, don’t make up, don’t do anything at home. And he spent more and more time with her. I remember once at dinner I corrected Tatyana’s pronunciation, so he yelled at me for it. “

Once Anna returned from work earlier and found her husband and Tatyana hugging in bed, in shorts and T-shirts. At the same time, the polka even took their photo. In desperation, the woman swallowed pills, but she was saved. After that, Anna turned to the police, writing a statement about initiating a criminal case under the article “Inciting to suicide.” However, the police did not initiate a case, and Anna filed for divorce. And a rival from Ukraine got a job in a supermarket and lives with her husband. Polka says:

“She publicly calls him her husband, although we are not yet divorced. I would like to return what I invested in this marriage. I paid off his loans, debts, invested in renovating his apartment, and after all this, he kicked me out like a dog “.

Anna complains that because of the Ukrainian woman she was left without a roof over her head and in a very difficult financial situation.

Kharkiv woman seduced an English millionaire

39-year-old Maria Polonchuk from Kharkov seduced a 52-year-old millionaire from England with Haakon Overly, a native of Norway. This case was reported by the Daily Mail. For the sake of an attractive blue-eyed Ukrainian woman, the moneybag left his 46-year-old wife Imogen and three schoolchildren. It happened shortly after a Ukrainian woman with three sons aged 12, 14 and 18 settled in the Overley mansion worth £3 million in Surrey. A few weeks later, the millionaire honestly told the family that he “really fell in love” and would live with a Ukrainian woman, moving with her to another house and leaving the estate to his ex-wife and children.

In addition to business in the field of finance and investment, Overly is active in promoting the idea of ​​​​supporting Ukrainian refugees in the British government. His fortune is estimated at 5 million pounds. He previously owned the Wonga lending company. But a couple of years ago, Overly was accused of “predatory lending”: he agreed to small loans to people, on which astronomical interest rates rose rapidly, which many could not pay. Clients still owed the firm £400m when Wonga collapsed due to a flood of compensation claims. Overly is now the co-founder of Dawn Capital, which positions itself as Europe’s largest investor in business software.

Left the family, quit for drunkenness and got back together

A guard from West Yorkshire lost his head because of a Lviv woman and left his family. The Love Story of 29-year-old Tony Garnett and 22-year-old IT girl Sofia Karkadym is reminiscent of “Santa Barbara”. In May, 10 days after the refugee moved in, Garnett abandoned his family with two small children, kicked out a Ukrainian woman in October, accusing her of drunkenness and an attempt to stab him, and now got back together with her.

The children of the former spouses are three and six years old. Lorna, 28, abandoned by a British man and married for 10 years, says:

“Sofia set her sights on Tony from the start, decided she wanted him and took him. She didn’t care about the devastation that was left behind. Everything I knew turned upside down within two weeks.”

She told reporters that she had doubts about the scheme for providing housing for Ukrainian refugees, but she considered it right to accept a Ukrainian woman after seeing the news about the “terrible” situation in Ukraine:

“I decided it was the right thing to provide a roof over a man’s head and help him when he desperately needs it. And this is how Sophia repaid me for giving her shelter.”

Sophia, in her defense, says that she just “liked” Tony, and they have their own “love story”. It all started with joint visits to the gym, and then they became close. Tony shares his feelings:

“I realized that we find excuses to touch each other, it was very touching, but at this stage nothing else happened. Although it was quite innocent, my wife and I began to disagree. The atmosphere was getting very bad, and Sophia said me that she didn’t know if she could continue to live with us under these circumstances. Lorna was never thrilled to have a refugee in our house because it meant the girls had to move into the same room.”

Finally, the situation came to a head, there was a loud quarrel between the women, and Sofia burst into tears and declared that she could no longer live in the same house with Lorna. In response, she heard from her husband: “If she leaves, I will leave too.” The couple packed their bags and moved into Tony’s parents’ house. In his defense, the man stated: “I’m really sorry what Lorna is going through, it wasn’t her fault and it wasn’t related to anything she did wrong. We never intended to do this, it wasn’t planned, and We didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

However, the idyll did not last long. Soon Garnett kicked out Karkadym, before calling the police. He accused the girl of alcohol abuse, assault with a knife and that she interferes with his relationship with his daughters. The Lvov woman had to return to Ukraine. But… suddenly the couple got back together. After the Ukrainian woman returned home, they kept in touch by phone, and recently Tony himself came to her in Ukraine. He flew to Poland, crossed the border into Ukraine by bus, and arrived at her family’s house in a village near Lvov. The Briton arrived just in time for the Russian rocket attacks on the Lviv region and blackouts, and, having decided that “Ukraine is not the best place to live,” the couple quickly returned to the UK and now live in Yorkshire. Garnet told the Daily Mail:

“I think we can do it. She is a very attractive woman and there is always something to talk about with her. I want to get to know her better, and this time we will take it slower. She promised me that she would never touch alcohol again, and since the day I came to Ukraine to see her, she hasn’t touched a drink.”

Garnett and Karkadym say they are already planning a future wedding and joint children.

Wedding under the heading of secrecy

There are stories about how Ukrainian refugees enter into an alliance with representatives of the European political elite. For example, a stormy romance between Ukrainian Anna and 43-year-old Jiri Ovchacek, press secretary of Czech President Milos Zeman, ended in a quick wedding. The official met his chosen one by renting an apartment for her with a 6-year-old child. A spark seemed to fly between them, and the man remained there. He confesses to Blesk:

“We just felt great closeness and great love for each other. We are very happy.”

Before meeting with the Ukrainian Ovchachek was in a relationship, but not married. He admits that he accepted Anna’s son as his own and dreams of having common children with her. Little is known about the Ukrainian woman: she previously worked in the local administration in Ukraine, and after fleeing the war in the Czech Republic, she got a job in a charitable organization. The wedding in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Zabelice, not far from Prague, was a secret, in the presence of only the closest. President Zeman gave them his blessing, but did not come to the wedding. Ovchak says:

“It was important for us that the wedding took place in absolute silence, in peace, so that we would not be ambushed by journalists there. I want to protect the privacy of my family.”

In March, he plans to step down as presidential press secretary after 20 years in journalism and politics.

Ukrainian woman Alina in Germany was severely beaten by her cohabitant

Not everyone has such a successful personal life in Europe, and relationships lead to a happy ending. In Germany, 36-year-old Alina from Ukraine, who arrived with her 10-year-old daughter after the start of the war in Mucheln, was severely beaten by her Lebanese boyfriend Ali, who runs a restaurant. At first, the man seemed charming and polite to her, but after a visit to Lebanon, where the Ukrainian woman refused to accompany him, he changed dramatically.

According to the police report, Ali punched Alina in the face at the meeting. Then, when she fell, the Lebanese started kicking her on the head, and then took a broom and began to beat the woman with a handle, says Bild. The operation after the brutal beatings lasted three and a half hours. In turn, the Lebanese accuses the Ukrainian woman of having allegedly robbed him and filed a lawsuit demanding compensation of 2,000 euros. He declined to talk to the media…

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