February 8, 2023

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Nightmares of the inhabitants of Ano Liosia

“Rain” from stray bullets falls daily on the areas of Ano Liosia and Menidi, whose inhabitants risk their lives. The New Year’s Eve incident in the cafe was no exception.

Panic reigned among the visitors of the establishment on Aharnon Street, when the bullet flew over their heads and safely stuck in the wall, writes newsbreak.gr. One of the more cold-blooded visitors remarked that it had become “a daily occurrence”:

“Something needs to be done, because there was an incident with a child in Menidi, and we see that all this continues. Should we mourn the victims in order to restore order? What needs to be done?”

The cafe owner took a picture of the bullet and took it to the police. And visitors, witnesses of the incident, comment on what is happening:

“A stray bullet that flew with a deafening roar. At first we thought it was an earthquake, because it happened recently.”

One of the women complains about the inaction of the police:

“I’m laying out my clothes, and bullets are falling on the roof. I go to the police in the neighborhood, and they laugh at me. Either they (the gypsies – ed.) have a wedding, or they quarrel, or because they feel like it, they take out their guns and shoot. They have to take their guns away because every minute, every minute this is happening.”

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