February 3, 2023

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In Lamia, three underage gypsies are excellent "earned" carols

New Year’s carols cost the residents of an apartment building in Lamia dearly – they lost three bicycles that enterprising teenage gypsies took with them. When the theft was discovered, they had long since disappeared.

As writes lariareport.gr, the incident took place in a house on Olimpo street in the southern part of the city. By ringing the door, the criminals gained access to the entrance, where they liked the three bicycles standing near the stairs. The rest was a matter of minutes. But before that, they sang carols and got honestly earned …

When the owners realized what had happened, the gypsies had already left the house and fled in an unknown direction. Of course, because they already had transport to speed up the process. Turning to the police, the residents described the thieves as follows: two thin teenagers, about 1.70 and 1.80 tall, and the third is full, in a gray sweater.

Now it’s up to the police. And residents who hospitably open the doors to the house should still be more prudent and careful. Pictured is one of the stolen bikes. The owners appeal to everyone with a request – all of a sudden someone sees him abandoned …

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