February 3, 2023

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First baby born in Crete in 2023

Just a minute after the advent of 2023, the first child was born in Crete.

We are talking about a boy who was born naturally (without caesarean section) in the private maternity hospital “Mitera” in Heraklion The birth was successfully taken by Dr. Alexandros Zervakis.

The boy was born weighing 3 kg and 960 grams, and he is in excellent health, like his mother, according to the website ekriti.gr. This is the second child in the family of Heraklion residents. According to them, this is the best New Year’s gift that they received in their lives.

It should be recalled that, starting from 2020, families with children receive a birth allowance from the state in the amount of 2,000 euros (Νόμος 4659/2020 – ΦΕΚ Τεύχος A 21/03.02.2020). There was even a joke that, they say, mothers who were in the final stages of 2019, who were admitted to the hospital in the last days of the outgoing 2019, asked doctors to postpone childbirth until 2020 in order to receive benefits … It is clear that in 2023 there are no problems with this.

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