February 8, 2023

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The Russian Federation allowed payment for gas not in rubles, but under certain conditions

The President of the Russian Federation signed a decree allowing Russian suppliers to receive payment in foreign currency of debts for gas supplies to foreign buyers.

Putin allows industry suppliers to receive a fixed fee for the supply of gas to buyers from unfriendly countries in foreign currency, informs TASS, when collecting or paying off debt. Amendments were made to the decree “On a special procedure for the fulfillment by foreign buyers of obligations to Russian suppliers of natural gas.” At the same time, it is noted that the payment of debts does not serve as a basis for the resumption of gas supplies. The publication points out:

“The repayment of a foreign buyer’s debt under a contract for the supply of natural gas is not a basis for the Russian supplier to resume natural gas supplies if the foreign buyer fails to comply with the procedure established by this decree.”

According to the decree, payment is not a basis for using the offer, writes “European Truth”. In March, Russia demanded that European countries pay for the supplied gas in rubles. In countries that abandoned the innovation, gas supplies were stopped.

Recall: Vladimir Putin signed a decree that prohibits the sale of Russian oil and oil products if countries prescribe a price ceiling in contracts. Russia counts to overcome any “difficulties” from the West imposing restrictions on Russian oil in the second half of 2023, and Moscow believes that it will establish full supply chains to Asian markets in the next three years.

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