February 8, 2023

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Census: 9,716,889 people live in Greece

The redistricting and electorate map are based on census data. According to ΕΛΣΤΑΤthe “legal population of the country” is 9,716,889 people.

The results of the 2021 census conducted by the statistical office have been recorded. Detailed data of the department by regions, municipalities and municipalities will be published in the Official Gazette.

The data has already been sent to the Ministry of the Interior to establish a new distribution of seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections in January. From them it follows that in six constituencies there is an increase in the number of seats, and in eight – a decrease. In particular, according to the census data, Athens B Sector South and Attica East constituency received two seats, while Athens B Sector North, Athens B West Sector, Thessaloniki and Achaia constituencies received one seat.

Piraeus, Serres, Phthiotis, Magnesia, Kozani, Arta, Kastoria and Thesprotia “abolished” one place. In fact, the last two regions are now becoming single-mandate.

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