February 5, 2023

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An event with a transvestite who read a “fairy tale” to children took place in the kindergarten of Thessaloniki

Parents with children, as well as representatives of the Greek left-liberal parties, attended the “event” organized by an organization called “Thessaloniki Pride”, the group “Rainbow” and students of the University of Thessaly with drag queenthat is, a transvestite dressed as a woman, reading a “fairy tale” to children in Thessaloniki.

Initially, the event was planned to take place in a private kindergarten in Kalamaria. However, due to the large number of participants (!) (I wonder, drag queens?) and the reaction, the organizers changed the venue.

The drag queen who saved Christmas was read to the children by drag queens RawBee Candles.

The event was attended by the MP of Thessaloniki from SYRIZA Christos Giannoulis.

In his statements, he noted that “our presence here marks the freedom that everyone can have to organize educational and recreational activities in order to uphold the rights of the people, and in no case there is a risk of prohibition or countermeasures from those who do not believe in human freedom“.

Vassia Mandesi, Deputy Secretary for Equality in PASOK-KINAL called the event excellent and stressed that in the party “we are inclusive, we try to include all families, all skin colors.”

On the part of the organisers, Konstantinos Maragos, who wrote the story read to the children, explained that it was about the gifts that children receive, such as cars for boys and dolls for girls, thus giving ready-made roles.

“Today we’re going to try to teach kids that they can be themselves,” she said, without mentioning which classes you can be yourself in.

On the occasion of this “event”, the vice-president of the party “PATRIDA” Aphrodite Latinopoulou spoke out via Instagram and emphasizes: “Hands off our children.”

“It’s inconceivable that ‘drag queens’ would read fairy tales to babies and children between the ages of 3 and 12,” says Latinopoulou. “They are not authorities, they are not role models, they cannot appeal to children. It is tragic what is happening and we all need to respond,” adds Aphrodite Latinopoulou, “hands off our children.”

Reaction from MP Konstantinos Bogdanos: It all starts with drag queens in kindergartens and ends here: A “family” holiday show in the US with kids in the audience. Perverted dystopia.

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