February 3, 2023

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Turkey: Seven killed in restaurant explosion (video)

Referring to local authorities, the Turkish television channel TRT Haber reported the death of seven people as a result of an explosion in a restaurant in the city of Aydini, which is located in western Turkey.

“Governor Aydinio Hussein Aksoy said that 7 people were killed, according to preliminary data, as a result of an explosion that occurred in a restaurant in the Nazili district,” Turkish media reported. In addition, according to preliminary data, five people were injured, one of them seriously.

Workers reported smelling a strange smell shortly before the explosion, which occurred in a chimney inside the restaurant during an inspection. Most likely, we are talking about household gas.

The police launched an investigation into the explosion.

Aydini is a city in western Turkey, the capital of the region of the same name in the country.

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