February 3, 2023

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Odessa: the Empress vacated the center of Ekaterininskaya Square and will take her place in "Imperial Past Park" (video)

Monuments to Catherine II and Alexander Suvorov were dismantled in Odessa. The sculptural ensemble dedicated to the founders of Odessa was demolished by the decision of the city council, which was adopted on November 30th.

The statue of the Empress, which Russian historiography calls the founder of Odessa, was originally installed in 1900, but after the 1917 revolution it was dismantled. Only in 2007 the monument was restored, says euronews. After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the pedestal was repeatedly splashed with red paint, and an executioner’s cap was placed on the empress’s head.

The opening of the monument to the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov took place in Odessa in 2012. This is an exact copy of another monument erected in the city in 1907, which was moved to Izmail in 1945.

The ensemble of the monument with the statue of Catherine II was transferred to the museum for storage, later it is planned to be installed in the new “Park of the Imperial Past”. And in social networks they report that carnations appeared on the site of the dismantled monument to Catherine II in Odessa.

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