February 8, 2023

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“Kavardak” with the opening of stores on Monday, January 2

With regard to the work of shops on January 2, there is a real confusion, since there is a great confrontation between enterprises and workers, as well as between entrepreneurs themselves.

So far, no one knows whether stores will be open on Monday, since, in fact, each retail chain will decide in its own way whether to open stores for them or not. But why did this confusion arise? In previous years, employers preferred to “rest”, and January 2 was considered a regular “day off” for trade workers, although not mandatory.

In the end, traditionally, on two Sundays before Christmas and New Year, the shops were open, and therefore, on January 2, sellers have a day off. However, this year Christmas and New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday, leading some businessmen to ask for shops to be open as early as Monday. Supermarket chains divided in terms of work on January 2. According to the announcements at the moment, open will be:

  • A. V. Vasilopoulos.
  • Lidl.
  • Bargain Village in Spata
  • smart park.
  • jumbo.

will remain closed:

  • Sklavenitis.
  • Kritikos (Κρητικός), except for some divisions in Crete.
  • Attica department stores.

However, some networks such as Inditex (Zara, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Oysho), as well as H&M decided not to open own stores (even in shopping centers), and Intersport will open 2 stores.

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