January 27, 2023

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Athens police arrest a gang of drug dealers

The Athenian police officers carried out the liquidation of a criminal gang of drug dealers, in which a famous Greek singer is involved as a “client”, and his best man is the organizer of a criminal organization.

So far, three people from the leadership core of the organization have been arrested, including the “organizer” of the gang and one of its “clients”. On the evening of December 27, the police carried out an operation in the area of ​​Elliniko and Vari, where the house of the leader of the criminal organization is located. There, the singer’s best man hid shipments of cocaine that he received from another member of the organization, and then transported them around Attica in his car. His partner also played a key role in the drug cartel, not only keeping illegal goods in her house, but also having her own “clientele” that she supplied with drugs.

A police raid arrested three people in the Waris district, and on Wednesday morning in Iliupoli, police officers handcuffed another man who was a “client” of drug traffickers. This person, in fact, worked with the organizer of the organization to issue and distribute counterfeit or canceled checks.

Four of those arrested and nine others have been charged with organizing a criminal community, money laundering and violating drug and weapons laws. In addition, members of the group have been charged with forgery and fraud, as the investigation revealed evidence of their activities in this area, through virtual business and the supply of fake or canceled checks.

According to a Greek police statement, the members of the group made at least 750 illegal transactions, and the amount of drugs they traded is estimated at 900 grams of cocaine and 500 grams of cannabis. The price list for drugs was at least 35 euros for half a gram of cocaine and 5 euros for cannabis, and the drug trade profits of the scheme exceeded 70,000 euros.

As a result of a police search in the houses of the accused, 0.6 grams of cocaine, 78.96 grams of raw cannabis, 25.93 grams of processed cannabis (chocolate), 2 coffee grinders, 3 cars, a sum of money in the amount of 18,175 euros, a gun without licenses, as well as checks and blocks of dubious authenticity. Those arrested were taken to the Athenian prosecutor, who handed them over to the investigator, while other people involved in the group are under police investigation.

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