February 3, 2023

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Is it possible "polar bomb" in Greece

The weather apocalypse in the US begs the question: is this possible in Greece? “Very likely,” says Efthymios Lekkas.

Professor of geology and disaster management Efthymios Lekkas, commenting on the polar cold in the United States, says: “It is very likely that a polar bomb will also arrive in Greece.” Speaking of extreme climate change, Mr. Lekkas explains:

“We have not yet entered into a complete destabilization. We see events that relate to the global formation and level, and phenomena that concern regions, entire continents, even states. They are unprecedented and have not appeared for at least a hundred years. We believe that this is, in fact, the trigger of the climate crisis. We are seeing a complete change in the situation. Now, when it should be winter, it is almost summer, and we will see how it will develop in the next period of time with opposite phenomena.”

He added that our country must adapt to these situations, which are a consequence of the climate crisis. The professor stated:

“Unfortunately, we can’t do too many things. What we can do to a large extent is to protect ourselves so that we have more resilience so that we can deal with the phenomena to a certain extent and the consequences would be less. All of these activities are part of the short-term level, which means being prepared and prepared so that we can deal with all these phenomena.”

On the “blizzard of the century” in the United States, Mr. Lekkas says that most of the deaths are due to the fact that citizens did not obey the orders given, and explained, quotes newsbeast.gr:

“When extreme weather events can occur in one region, that is, low temperatures, heavy snowfalls, completely opposite phenomena are possible in another region of the planet – to maintain a general balance in the atmospheric system, where hydrometeorological phenomena develop.”

In the meantime, meteorologists predict in Greece the warmest ever European New Year: it will not be like the previous ones, and winter will wait a little more with the arrival.

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