February 3, 2023

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Raising pensions with a “flavor” of… elections

The Mitsotakis government decided to raise basic pensions from January 1 of the new year, with an eye to the 2023 elections, and while inflation is still “jumping”, destroying citizens’ incomes.

According to the MLA, signed on Tuesday by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis and Deputy Minister of Finance Theodoros Skilakakis, the total amount of basic pensions with the start of payment before December 31, 2022 will increase from 01/01/2023 by 7.75%.

It is estimated that this increase will “affect” 1,724,713 pensioners. Of these, 80-85% will see a full 7.75% increase, while the vast majority of the rest will see an increase of more than 7% depending on how big their personal differences are.

According to the statement Ministry of Labor, any differences that may arise between the data of the 2023 Budget Advisory Report and the corresponding data published by the Hellenic Statistical Office relate to: a) the annual rate of change of GDP and b) the rate of change of the average annual general consumer price index. They are taken into account when determining the increase factor in the next year’s pension decision and are correlated.

It is recalled that the announcement of the increase in pensions came after the relatively recent scandal of the Ministry of Labor with unpaid pensions, which revealed another “trick” of the government in relation to pensioners, especially those who recently received a temporary pension, as a result of which thousands of pensioners risk losing money after the statute of limitations expires.

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