February 3, 2023

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Greece is the “champion” of Europe in wholesale electricity prices for the eighth day in a row

Greece is recording another negative result under the Mitsotakis government as, according to the Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE), the wholesale price of electricity in Greece is hovering at 239.10 euros per MWh, with our country becoming the leader in electricity prices for the eighth day in a row across Europe.

Characteristically, Greece has the most expensive electricity by a wide margin, as Italy and Malta are in second place with 175.79 euros per megawatt-hour, while the difference between Greece and the next two countries in the list is 63.31 euros per megawatt-hour . Thus, this document refutes the Mitsotakis government’s version of supporting households through benefits and subsidies designed to ease popular discontent.

It is noted that Spain and Portugal have the cheapest electricity in Europe – 41.41 euros per megawatt-hour, followed by Luxembourg and Germany – 45.90 euros per megawatt-hour, Belgium with 51.05 euros and France with 51.54 Euro.

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