February 8, 2023

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Fraudsters “sold” real estate under fake documents

A criminal group of people who committed fraud and forgery against property owners and potential buyers was liquidated by the Property Protection Department of the Attica Security Authority.

According to ΕΛΑΣyesterday, Tuesday 27 December, in Athens, as part of operational activities, a 56-year-old woman was arrested, while three members of the criminal organization, two men and a woman, were identified and are currently on the wanted list.

The woman was detained at the moment of receiving marked banknotes from a potential buyer of real estate, to whom she introduced herself under forged documents as a trustee of the owner and seller. A criminal case has been initiated against the arrested woman and her accomplices on fraud, forgery, the use of false documents, illegally committed actions carried out with an alleged financial benefit exceeding 120,000 euros. As well as for money laundering and illegal receipt (and use) of other people’s personal data.

As a police investigation found, members of the group, since at least September 2021, approached potential property buyers and posed as owners, lawyers, or intermediaries of land owners, presenting fake identities, without the knowledge of the real owners. After agreeing on the sale and purchase with the buyers, they were asked to collect the necessary supporting documents to formalize the sale and purchase agreement with a notary, following the actual stages of transfer.

Then, having convinced the buyers that everything is legal, they ask them for a preliminary and final contract, charging them the appropriate amounts either in cash or by transfer to bank accounts.

In addition, another case was solved, with the same method of action. A police investigation is currently ongoing. The woman was taken to the prosecutor’s office in Athens.

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